RFID Attendance Machine

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RFID Attendance Machine Features

Educational DIY kit for Smart card attendance and Auto-timer switch

RFID card (MIfare 13.56 MHz) read/write
WIFI connected (with inbuilt Hotspot), no cables/buttons/display required
Up to three WIFI settings with auto switching to best signal strength
Can connect with any WiFi router or mobile Hotspot at 2.4GHz
Easy interface through the web app on WiFi enabled smartphone or laptop/desktop
Alert list feature to alert specific card scans with long beep sound
‘HTTP’ and ‘HTTPS’ both supported
Domain names (https://mydomain/api/rfid) and IP address ( supported
Direct data push to cloud software or google sheet without any additional
server/application requirement, means no additional recurring expenses
Very compact, sturdy, portable design with nylon breaded strong power cable
Unlimited users capacity
Industrial grade components with tough ABS outer body
Rain and splash protected
Admin key protected updation of settings
Daily automatic time correction/sync from the WIFI internet
Use with any mobile charger or power bank or USB port
Minimal power consumption
Remote configuration possible for advance use
Offline storage if internet not available, auto-retry when internet available
Reading range ~ 4 cm and scan speed < 150 milliseconds
Attendance data grouping for low server load
No additional software installation required
No computer required locally for data sync or cloud upload
Works with unstable internet connection too
Audio visual feedback on card scan

Below features are related to auto-timer switch only

Unlimited alarms/triggers settings for each day
Flexible duration for alarms/triggers(ex - 5 seconds or 36000 seconds)
Unlimited virtual days with all 7 weekdays to be used in special cases(exams, events)
Implement a special schedule for specific dates irrespective of weekdays
Disable alarms/triggers for specific dates considering holidays.
Bulk uploading of holidays list to disable any socket separately
Export and import settings for quick remote configuration and backup
Multiple sirens/bells/devices can be connected to the switch(up to rated current load)
Auto resume in case of power supply interruption

Watch quick demo video 

We understand your concern and for that, we have made an ultimate DEMO video that will help you in understanding the structure and working of the Attendance machine. The demo video will also provide the complete user experience of the product and help you in taking the right decision.

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RFID Attendance Machine

WIFI connected
(with inbuilt hotspot), no cables/ display required

'HTTP' and 'HTTPS' both supported

Industrial grade
components with tough ABS outer body

Alert list feature to alert
specific card scans with long beep sound